Our Products

Assorted Sodas: We carry all of the major brands in soda -- including Coke, Pepsi, and Canada Dry.

Non-Carbonated Beverages: Dasani, Poland, Minute Made juices, Ice-Teas, Yoo-Hoo, V-8, Gatorade, Welchs' Juice, Tribe Tea & much more.

Candy: If you can't resist, we have all the favorites!!

Pastries, Cookies, & Crackers: Famos Amos, Grandmas, Knotts Berry, Elfin Crackers, etc. Our Pastries are mostly provided by TastyKake.

Chips: We carry the top sellers including Frito Lay, Wise, Herr's, and Snyder's.

Frozen Foods: For Larger accounts, we have variety of frozen sandwichs, burritos, pizzas, muffin, and much more.

Fresh Foods: We also carry a fresh food program, you can learn more by visiting our fresh food page.

Healthy Snacks: We offer employees/students better options by having trail mixes, fruit snacks, granola bars, pretzels, etc.

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